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Vlastimi Hybrant - fotografie

Photos have been taking in RAW (CR2) and with slight adjustments in PC the pictures are converted to JPG or TIFF with DPI 300. Retouching only on ask of customer. 

Photograps are given on CD or DVD (it depends on number and size of pictures). Papers‘ photos aren’t subject of price but if customer requires it, he’ll pay only price of acquisition. The papers are made in professional centre of FOTOŠKODA (Prague). It’s posssible to offer posters, calenders, frame pictures and picture postcards too.


Weddings II., III., IV. are named all day photography ( 8 hours). Every another hour 20 € more.

Wedding I. and II. doesn‘t contain any printed photos, only DVD with JPG pictures.

Wedding III. contains the same like wedding I. and II. and classic wedding album with 30 printed pictures with size 15x23. The surface of album is made from brokade or similar cloth with silver or golden colour. Surface of printed pictures is possible to have in matt, shine or brilliant.

Photos choice depends on customers if they want to. For exact placing pictures in album is used form and all works are done in clothed gloves for best result of the album.

Serious reservation is possible to do approximetely a year before the wedding or little more.

Paying is after handing over of the DVD.

Taking pictures outside of the Czech republic requires extra price 1,5x of price list.

Another agreement is possible.